Confident English

About us

Confident English has a twofold purpose:
- To provide bespoke English courses to companies that wish to invest in staff to better meet business needs; and
- To reach learners at risk of exclusion from adult learning opportunities and inspire confidence in their ability to learn and fulfill their potential both at work and beyond.


Co-founder and CEO:
 Chris Ostrowski

Chris Ostrowski is an experienced business executive with many years of delivering professional, high-quality services to international clients. After helping to found Confident English in 2012 he started to work full time for the company in 2015 to direct the UK and overseas expansion of the business. Chris is dedicated to finding language communication solutions for clients.

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Managing Director:
Katie Ostrowski

Katie Ostrowski is a British born language professional with a passion for equipping people with the skills they need to succeed in life. She holds a Masters in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (with distinction) from the Institute of Education, London; a PGCE in Teaching ESOL to adults; and a BA in German and Management Studies.

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